...La Tahzan Inaallah Ma'Ana...

"Jgn bersedih, sesungguhnya Allah bersama kita "

~ Because I’m a girl ~

I Juz can’t understand the hearts of men,

They tell u they wan u

And then they leave u…

Dis is the first time, you’re so special

I believed those words and I was so hapy…..

U should have told me

U didn’t like me anymore

But I can’t see that

And u juz rush me

Although I will curse u

I’ll still miss u…

Since I am a girl, to whom love is everything……

I heard that if u give up things too easily

To a man, he will get bored wiv u

I don’t think dis is wrong

A girl say that she will never be fooled again,

But she will fall in love again…..

Don’t take advantages of a girls willingness

To do anything for love and her caring instinct

I didn’t know that to be born as a girl

And to be loved was so hard

We separated today

U said u wanted me to be hapy

And find a better person then u….

U’re juz like every other man

Didn’t u tell me u loved me?

Actually, I don’t want u to be hapy

Wat if u meet a girl

Who’s prettier than me and live happily wiv her?

Wat if u forget me and that

Hurts me so much….

So much that I wan 2 die….

Bcoz actually…. I still love u so much……..

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